A mutual climax of music and gaming… In other words, Underdawg Presents is the place where musicians and creatives of all kinds come to play games and have a good, good time. Composers, instrumentalists, songwriters, promoters, engineers, the list goes on and we invite you all to join us for some sweet gaming. We here at Hungry Hound Productions love the idea of fans of music and games to be able to see their favourite musicians in a completely different environment from normal, sitting back and having some sweaty gaming fun. The result of this is how Underdawg Presents was born…


Sexy Pretty Things Play Mortal Kombat


Lewis Shepperd Music Plays FIFA

Valence Plays Rocket League

Anthony Ferns Music Plays Hotline Miami II


Reminders play Sportsfriends

King Kuna play Sportsfriends

Bluest Boy play ‘Cel Damage’