Here’s a list of the equipment and gear available at our disposal, if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Audient ASP 880 Preamps (16 Channels)

Soundtracs MIDI PC32- 32 channel mixing console (1970s)

Apple MacPro

Apple Macbook Pro (x2)

Apple iMac (x3)

Motu HD 192 AD/DA converters (x2)

Motu 896HD

Universal Audio LA-610 Mk II pre amp/ compressor

TL Audio Ivory VP 50-51 pre amp/ compressor

ART Pro Channel tube pre amp/ compressor

Drawmer Dual compressor DL21 (x3)

Adam P33A active monitors

KRK passive monitors

QSC RMX 1450 power amp

Apogee Duet

Presonus Monitor Station


Logic Pro X

Final Cut Pro X

Hitfilm Pro 4


Da Vinci Resolve


Affinity Photo

Affinity Designer

Complete Slate Digital Bundle

Focusrite Liquid Mix 32


Natal Birch Kit

 8” tom

10” tom

12” tom

14” tom

16” tom

24” Kick drum

Natal Maple Kit

8” tom

10” tom

12” tom

14” tom

16” tom

26” Kick drum


14×7” Natal aluminium snare

14×8” Sonor Designer snare

14×5” Ludwig Acrolite snare (1964)

14×6” Tama Praetorian bell brass snare

14×6” Pearl “Chad Smith” steel snare

13×3” Pearl brass piccolo snare

14×6” Premier “Dominion Ace” snare (1930s)

There is a selection of Zildjian/ Sabian/ Istanbul and Bosphorous cymbals, please contact us for current stock. 


Fender USA Standard Telecaster (1970s)

Fender USA Standard Telecaster (1990s)

ESP “Ronnie Wood” signature series Telecaster

Gibson Les Paul custom

Epiphone Riviera with Bigsby tailpiece (1990s)


Rickenbacker 4003 bass (1980s)

Fender Precision “Road Worn” bass

Hofner Violin Bass (1980s)

ESP PJ vintage four standard bass

Palatino VE-500 electric upright bass

Acoustic Guitars

Crafter J-15N acoustic guitar

Taylor 214e acoustic guitar

Epiphone J200 acoustic guitar

Suzuki Hummingbird acoustic guitar (1970s)


Fender Rhodes Mk 1 Stage Piano (1973)

Zender Upright Piano

M-Audio Keystation 88es

M-Audio Key Rig 49

Akai MPK mini


Vox AC30 (1960s)

Marshall 1960 4 x 12

Mesa Boogie Trans-Atlantic head

Fender Twin Reverb (1990s)

Fender Deluxe 112 1×12

Marshall VBC 412 bass cab

Mark Bass CMD 103H bass combo


Neumann TLM 103 (x2)

AKG C418 (x4)

AKG C1000 (x3)

AKG D112 (x2)

AKG 214 (x3)

Shure SM57 (x3)

Shure SM58 (x2)

Shure SM 57 Beta (x3)

Shure SM86

SE2200ASE X1SE 2A (x2)

Sennheiser e609 (x2)

Sennheiser e604 (x4)

Reslosound Ribbon Mic (1960s)

Harper Diabate Ribbon Mic (x2)

Rode NT1a

Sontronics Omega valve mic


Audio Technica ATH Pro 700 (x2)

Vic Firth Isolation headphones (x6)

Effects Pedals

Pigtronix Fat Drive

Pigtronix Disnortion

Pigtronix Class A Boost

Pigtronix Philosopher’s Rock

Pigtronix Keymaster (x2)

MXR Bass DI+

MXR Phase 90 (Script)

MXR Tremolo (Stereo)

Z.Vex Woolly Mammoth (x2)

Boss ’63 Fender Reverb

Boss DD7 Digital Delay

Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb

Boss OC-3 Superoctave

Boss DS-1 Distortion

Boss ME70 Bass

Boss RC-30 Loop Station

HBE Power Screamer

Jim Dunlop Cry Baby 535Q Wah

Vox Wah

Way Huge AquaPuss Delay  

EBS Octobass

T-Rex Alberta Overdrive

Line 6 PodXT (x2)