Hungry Hound Productions offers a range of audio productions services including but not limited to recording, mixing and mastering. Whether it be a solo artist to a small orchestra wanting to record a single, an album or a soundtrack Hungry Hound Productions will provide the service you need! Don’t you worry any Style or Genre is welcome here so please feel free to get in contact no matter what your Style or influences are.

Services available but not restricted to include:

  • Recording
  • Accompanied + Un-accompanied mixing
  • Mastering
  • Live Sessions
  • Pre production + Production
  • Plus lots more!

If you have questions regarding what services are available or their pricing then please do get in contact and all shall be explained!

Hungry Hound Productions uses the very well equipped and highly respected Skinny Mammoth Studio as a home for recording and all things musical. For information on the studio’s facilities, gear, capabilities etc. please follow this link for a full gear run down. Alternatively you can just drop us a message over this or any social media platform and you shall receive a reply swiftly.

For any further audio enquiries please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


For our Soundcloud hit the link at the bottom of the page! 


Previous recording works:

Dreamer Joe – Kick and Scream E.P

Sexy Pretty Things – Moose Knuckle E.P

Badow – Hot Headed Machine E.P

Sexy Pretty Things – Roller coaster (single)

Sexy Pretty Things – Lucy Fire (single)

Izzi Grace – Human 

King Kuna – The Nerve (single)

Bluest Boy – E.P. (release date January 12th)

Koln – Ghost of you (single release date TBC)

Hungry sounds unplugged sessions (release date TBC)

Previous Mastering Works:

Goodbye Grace – Nashville Songs E.P

Spearmint Tongues – Easy Peasy E.P

Spearmint Tongues – Migraine (single)

Lewis Shepperd – Me (single)

Lewis Shepperd – Far Away (single)

Lewis Shepperd – Perfume (single)